Primal school was an idea inspired by pallet furniture and the concept of recycling old timber, but we soon found the need to expand our materials list to include other salvageable items ejected from business and households which were otherwise destined for our overloaded landfill.

Our passion is to give these items which have originally been sacrificed from numerous animal habitats or drawn from the earth’s resources. Whatever it may be, a sacrifice was made for our needs, wants and/or pleasures and comforts.

Our objective is to save these items and make people aware that dated or broken they have not yet reached the end of their lives.

Let’s not forget the sacrifices made to make these items and put them to use once again in some shape or form and help them live on for every resource thrown away, another needs to be produced to take its place.

We can find a use for so many objects taken for granted in our everyday living, we are only limited by our imaginations. It’s not broken until it can no longer be fixed or used alternatively.

I hope you can all find joy in our creations, which are designed for all ages, genders, and walks of life and help us to be able to leave a positive footprint for future generations.


Todd is a larrikin at heart and has always enjoyed making people laugh…. Often at the expense of himself.

With a love for woodwork he entered the construction industry via a carpenters apprenticeship at 18.

He accumulated many skills in this industry and witnessed senseless waste on a grand scale.

With a love for the environment and a loathing  for waste, at 36 Todd discovered his life’s purpose and shortly after Primal School was born in 2016.

Todd has a mind that can’t sit still, he is a visionary with a passion for connecting with community and is driving Primal School to become a humanitarian movement to benefit local charities, communities and artisans.


Tristen, has experienced an artistic background, throughout her life, delving in dress design, upholstery, painting and sculpture.  Her trade as a design assistant/seamstress with multiple Australian lingerie companies, has taught her fast paced skills and business knowledge.

Starting to draw home floor plans at the age of 7 and started her own business, Revival Co-Ordinates delving into Interior Design and Upholstery at age 24, then later travelling the world in a quest to embrace global architecture.

She is always interested in working with fabrics and building materials to create alternative fashion styles and beautiful furniture and art pieces.  Resin, fabrics, safety pins, wood, metal, hebel, limestone and sandstone, being her favourites.

Animal and Environmental issues have always been on Tristen’s priority list,

  • having been a volunteer for Riding for the Disabled at the age of 11,
  • financial member of Greenpeace at age 22,
  • a financial member of Animals Australia since age 40,
  • volunteering at Sippy Creek Animal Refuge, at the age of 41 and a
  • financial member of the Australian conservation Foundation since age 45.

Music has also inspired her design tastes and given her a great understanding of music counter-cultures. Punk and Ska runs in her veins and will always bust a move when a classic song starts to play.

On A Mission From Mother Nature

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