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Primal school was an idea inspired by pallet furniture and the concept of recycling old timber, but quickly diverted past this inspiration and into many different avenues revolving around the endless amounts of waste products gathered from business and household items destined for the ever growing problem of landfill. Our goal is to influence peoples mindsets on the way they view waste, from a burden to an ethical commodity, but to also minimize their waste with Zero-Waste practices, like our ancestors lived.


Firstly, we source waste products from both residential and industrial environments and then the team brainstorms different concepts for creating a new product.  This process is a lot of fun because each team member has a turn at holding the waste product and we tell a story on what the product could become.  Every idea is thought through and normally someone will come up with a truly epic idea that the whole team loves and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  We have so many waste products that each team member always has a new projects to work on and complete, which is then placed onto our e-commerce shop  page.

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We recycle, upcycle and sell hand crafted Jewellery, Artworks, Furniture, Lighting, Garden~Art and Driftwood, made from recycled timbers, metals, plastics and many man-made products.

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